2022 Track & Field League

Eastern Masters Track & Field League Final Sunday 4th September 2022

Bedford International Athletics Stadium

Hopefully this is the last organisational email I have to send.

  1. The field start is 10:30am – Pole Vault and then 11:00am
  2. The track start is 10:50 – 400m H
  3. The meeting should finish before 4:30pm
  4. Presentation at 16:20 or as early as possible thereafter.

Declarations & lane draws

Courtney Gunn is in charge of declarations and lane draws, he will contact you separately.

Track notes

The timetable attached is exactly the same as the last email I sent you.  Jim Lawrence will be Track Referee.  I await an offer of a track judge willing to chief on the day.

The timing of the early events depends on people helping with the resetting of hurdle heights and topple weights. Please assist the track staff and judges.

Please remind your athletes to be at the start lines 10 mins before the event start (or when called on tannoy if earlier) to ensure races can start on time.  Anyone reporting late risks not being allowed to compete.

Walks note

In early organisation we thought we had 5 judges coming.  Unfortunately, due to ill health and other competitions, we are down to three people who have yet to confirm they are coming.

Field Notes

The attached sheet has been extended to show field teams and duties (page 2).  All Hammer events are now in the outfield. M35/M50 changed, this is to simplify things for officials.

Peter Hall will be the field referee with tech support from Alan Edis & Graeme Packman.  Please note the small changes to teams (PV, DT W35/50 & HJ W35/W50) to ensure there is L2 cover for an event.

Page 2 of this sheet also includes the competition rules (opening heights, increments and number of attempts allowed).

Please ensure that your athletes get to their events at least 15 mins before the start time.  If they arrive late, they may not be allowed to compete and will not get practice attempts.

We are asking all field judges to start their events on time.  The timetable is busy and a late start will put later events in jeopardy of cancellation.

If your club is named in the judging groups, you are expected to provide people to assist the lead field judges.  If you don’t provide them then the event may not go ahead.

Travel expenses

EMAC will pay travel expenses for officials and a claim form is attached. 30p per mile plus an extra 2p per mile if they are transporting another official.

Other notes

Bedford Running Festival is taking place on the same weekend. There is a half marathon and 20 mile race starting at 9:30am on Sunday 4 September.

The race does not close local roads but is nearby on the Embankment, Priory Park and the cycle path along the river.

Early parking may be difficult, and roads may be clogged in the area from 11:00am to 12:30pm.

Robert Lands

Links to the timetable and field timetable. https://emac.org.uk/track-and-field-lge-final-timetable/


EMAC T&F League  Central Division  Match 1  Weds May 4th  CHANGE of VENUE  now at Milton Keynes
Bedford & County AC, Biggleswade AC, Cambridge & Coleridge, Dunstable Lions, Fairland Valley Spartans, Luton AC and  Marshall Milton Keynes AC,
This match was scheduled for Sandy track but for reasons beyond Biggleswade AC’s control and at a late stage this has become impossible to stage.
Milton Keynes have very kindly stepped into the breech at short notice and the match will now take place there(Stantonbury).
The programme of events remains the same but the match can now revert to starting at 7.00
Thanks to all who have made all this possible at such short notice.
Graeme Packman
EMAC T&F League Central Division Coordinator


Here is the final list of teams and venues for the 2022 EMAC Track and Field League!! The Northern Division Leader is Claire Smith, PANVAC, Central Division leader Graeme Packman, Bedford & County and Southern Division leader is Carey Hollick, Col & Tendring/Ipswich Harriers.

UPDATE: Thurrock women have Loughton women as well together.

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