Membership Secretary – Robert Lands

Joining Eastern Masters Athletic Club

Membership of Eastern Masters AC (EMAC) is open to anyone over the age of 34, but you can only compete as a master when you are 35 or over. EMAC is affiliated to the British Masters Athletics Fedaration (BMAF) and our membership application & renewal process is online within the BMAF Opentrack portal

To join or renew membership you will be asked to pay a membership fee so have your credit or debit card handy.   When you join the club you are also asked to send the EMAC membership secretary a photo of your passport; showing name, date of birth, number; or your birth certificate.  If you are not a British National you may be asked for both of these.

EMAC has two categories of membership, first claim and second claim.

Fees for the y/e 31/03/2023 are:

First claim       £27

Second claim  £10

You need to select the correct category of membership when you apply or you will pay the wrong amount.

Your are first claim if you do not belong to any other athletic club in England and the fee of £27 includes your England Athletics registration fee.

You are second claim if you do belong to another club and you register with EA through that club.

All members who compete must be registered with England Athletics.

Your fee pays for

The activities organised by EMAC

A sum paid to BMAF to support their activities

A sum paid to England Masters AA (EMAA) to support their activities

The financial costs payable to the provider Stripe.

For your money you get access to all the events organised by EMAC, EMAA, & BMAF. You may be asked for entry fees for some these events often at a reduced “members” rate.

Robert Lands EMAC Membership Secretary  15 February 2022

Help Guide for joining or renewing membership

Membership method.pdf


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