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BlocksEMAC Track & Field Secretary – Graeme Packman
EMAC Track & Field League Manager – Graeme Packman

Being an Eastern Masters Athletics Club (EMAC) athlete means you have access to a wide range of track and field opportunities whether you are entirely new to athletics, returning to the sport after some years away or an experienced international performer.

The Eastern Masters League provides an excellent opportunity to enter into the world of masters’ athletics.  Around twenty teams from across the East compete at four matches in regional divisions roughly once a month through the season.  The top male and female teams then head to a final match to decide the League Champions.  Each match features a range of events for men and women across three age groups with nearly all competitive disciplines included between the four meets.  There is always the opportunity to try a new event or look for a new PB as a guest and members can compete in the League for a second claim club if their home club are not taking part.  The league matches are an excellent opportunity to use weights and heights appropriate to your age, that you will not get competing in Senior matches.  For clubs, these matches are a great way to give coaches and team managers the opportunity to keep competing beyond the senior years and also to introduce parents of younger athletes to the joys of competition.  We are always looking for new teams to join the league so please do get in touch if you are interested.

EMAC runs two track and field championships – one indoor and one outdoor – each season.  For less experienced athletes these are a good introduction to competing in a busy championship whilst many national and international medallists use them to hone their skills against the best in the region and beyond.  A wide range of events are available in five-year age bands starting at V35 for men and women.  For several years the indoor event has been part of a combined meet enabling members to compete for South of England medals as well as EMAC awards. This coming year we will have our own indoors championships shared with VAC.


Eastern Masters athletes compete for the region twice a year in the England Masters Athletics Association (EMAA) Inter-Area challenges.  These generally happen towards the end of each season with the indoor meet at Lee Valley and the outdoor event at Nuneaton.  Traditionally, we provide a good challenge to the much larger Southern and Midland regions especially in the nearer indoor meet.  As with all team events it is vital to fill slots and get points so athletes wishing to take part in these competitions should not wait to be asked!

Being a member of Eastern Masters allows you to enter the various British Masters Athletics Federation (BMAF) championships with the main two being the indoor event at various venues and the outdoor meet being at various venues.  There are other meetings such as the multi-event championships in which EMAC athletes have regularly performed with distinction.

Finally, being a member of BMAF through EMAC you can enter the various international championships with European and World events, indoors and outdoors, operating on a turn and turnabout basis.  Here too, EMAC athletes achieve outstanding results with many champions and medallists among the current membership.



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