Road Running Series 2021

The 2021 Road runners series started on the 23rd May with one of the first post lockdown events, the Peterborough Marathon – the race distance making its debut in 2021 and being well supported by the members. The 7th and final event of the year took part yesterday at Willen lakes in Milton Keynes with David Hudson the first EMAC member home to start and end the series, along with a further 42 members that took part in at least one event across the series. The series is based on age grade scoring with the average of the best scores to count – so you had to be in to win it! 

It was great to see a number of familiar faces returning for the season but also to welcome some new members to the fold and see how they progressed through the year and although we maybe masters, there were a number of PB’s to be celebrated throughout 2021.

9 runners managed to compete in 3 or more races throughout the season and feature in the overall results. All have their own story and the first one to recognise is Steve Paul, who has taken part and supported every series since I took over the role and ends the season in 9th place. Steve has progressed well throughout the season and hit his highest age grading at yesterday event and I know that he will be back on the start line again next year. 

8th place went to Will Haining, who has completed more events than anyone else this season, scoring a seasons best age graded score at the Willen 5k last month and been a consistent finisher throughout the season. Top running Will. 

Charles Arnold took 7th place for the season, with an age grade best at the Peterborough 10k which was one of the hottest races of the season, and only just missed out on 6th place be a whisker. 

Jane Ashby scored well in her three events for 5th overall and achieved her best age graded score of the season at the Fenland 10, which was possibly the windiest and wettest race of the year. Another long term supporter of the series and the first one to message me about the final results. I look forward to catching up with you next season Jane. 

Stefanie Godfrey took 4th overall after consistently strong performances throughout the season, culminating in a seasons best age grading at the Wolverton 5k and after collecting the 3 gold medals owed, did a fantastic impression of Mark Spitz at the 1972 Olympics (all 7 events next year maybe?). 

3rd overall and the onto the podium after another fine season of running is Jim Morris. Jim has performed strongly across the spectrum this year, after a fine age category win at the Peterborough Marathon to the mush shorter Willen 5k and continues to challenge a number or runners at local events that are more than half his age! One of  Peterborough’s finest!

David Hudson finished runner up this season, after some excellent performances and race wins to add to the PB setting that has taken place throughout the season. Not favoured by being one of the youngest EMAC competitors, he has been an excellent ambassador of the sport and Masters athletics and I am sure will continue his progress over the years to come. 

Despite a season lost to Covid and the lockdown, its nice to know that some things do not change. Although only completing in two events this year and therefore not featuring in the final results – Jonathan Haynes, our 2018 champion averaged just under 90% age grading and had a huge smile on his face when I bumped into him this year. I am looking forward to seeing a full on season length battle next season against our reigning champion – 2019 and 2021, ladies and Gentlemen – Chris Cooke! Chris averaged a fantastic 92.70% age graded score over the season and featured strongly in every race he took part in. He has been not only a fantastic competitor but also a great representative for masters athletics and a role model for what can be achieved through sensible training, looking after yourself and a desire to race. Please join me in congratulating our 2021 series winner and I look forward to seeing if we can challenge Chris for his title in 2022, or if he is aiming for a three-peat as they would say in America. 

Lastly from me, I just want to say a huge thanks again to everyone that has taken part throughout the series and I hope to see you all at next year’s events and hopefully at some of the Xc events over the winter. Information on the 2022 season will be posted early next year and I wish you all a merry xmas and a happy new year, let’s hope that Santa brings you all the running shoes that you deserve. 


Wolverton 5 mile

Today’s Wolverton 5 miler was the final race in this year’s road runners series. Despite the freezing windy conditions, we were greeted by beautiful sunshine and friendly faces from the club. It was good to finally meet, catch up and award some of the long overdue medals to a number of you and I will keep the remainder in the car, so if I do see you in the up-coming weeks, please say hi and I can hand them over.

David Hudson continued his 40th Birthday celebrations and celebrated with another PB this morning and first EMAC member home – thats about 5 months of PB celebrations now Dave, congrats! Andrew Leach made his first appearance in this year’s race series and set the highest age graded score of the day, fantastic running and great to finally meet you. Chris Cooke also had a fantastic run to continue the 90%+ age graded scores and 2019’s championship winner showed that he is not a one season wonder! There were a number of excellent results and PB’s achieved today and I won’t fill your time line up going through each one – Results with age graded scores are included below, I will send out the final standings in the next few days along with a final summary. Finally, a massive thanks from all of us on the committee to all of those that have taken part, supported and got involved in this year’s series. It is always great to see everyone enjoying the sport and always great to catch up and share stories. We will be back in the new year with 2022’s race line up but if you have any requests, suggestions or ideas, please drop me a message.


Road Running Fixtures

Cambourne 10k – 26th September –

SDC 50year 10k Bedford Auto drome – 26th September –

Wolverton 5k – Date 23rd October (rolled over from 2020 if you entered last year) –

Fenland 10mile – 31st October  –

Wolverton 5mile 28th November –


Road Runners series 2021 update!

Round 2

Road Runners Series 2021 – Update after round 2!

We have now had 25 different athletes take place in the series for 2021 at the two different events so far. Jon Anderson continues to lead with an age grading of 87.15% with Jim Morris in 2nd – 83.40%. David Hudson in 3rd is the highest ranked athlete to have completed in both events on 83.10%

Next event on the calendar is the BMAF 1/2 Marathon in Redhill – Surrey

If anyone has any questions about the events or results, please check out the road running page on the EMAC website or feel free to drop me a message.

Round 3

With 3 rounds now completed in the 2021 series, Jon Anderson continues to lead the series ahead of Jim Morris but Phil Martin & Stefanie Godfrey have joined David Hudson in the top 5. Runners have to complete at least three rounds (best three Age grade scores count) to be considered in the final results and compete for the fabulous Road Runners trophy!

Unfortunately – the Southend 10k is no longer going ahead this year but we are actively looking for a replacement and once we more details on entries for the final rounds, I will share with you all.

Congratulations to the 30 runners that have taken part in at least one race so far this year, thanks for your support and participation.


EMAC Road Racing Series 2021

Peterborough Marathon 23rd May 

After a year of uncertainty and very few races, the EMAC RR Series got off the ground for
the 2021 season with the opening event at Ferry Meadows, Peterborough. Sublime racing
welcomed us to their event and made everyone feel safe and welcome with a lot of open
space at the start and finish and an interesting, if not particular PB setting course.
David Hudson led not only EMAC, but everyone else home as well to record his first
marathon win in a very rapid 2:27.50 and had some good company with fellow member Phil
Martin who was enjoying running his hometown event but had not planned to go the full
distance after a sub 2:25 result only a few weeks earlier. Kirk Brawn was the second
member back, collecting the M40 gold with a respectable 2:38.34, also enjoying running on
home turf and had me for company for the first half, before pulling away in the 2nd half of
the race as is usual these days.
Not far behind us was Jon Anderson who continued his excellent run of results in 2:45.05 to
win M55 Gold and set the highest age grading of any EMAC athlete, 87.15% and just ahead
of Jim Morris M55 Silver 83.4%. Lee Taylor was next up, completing his debut marathon in
2:54.14 – way to go Lee! With Charles Wartnaby 2:57.44 and Alex Childs 2:59:27 all breaking
the 3 hr barrier. Special mention to Jane Ashby, our only EMAC lady competing who finished
age category winner and Gold F70 in 4:27.14. Jane also looked by far the happiest runner in
the last mile, maybe it was the attraction of free cheesy puffs for all race finishers!
Overall – it was a great return to racing with a very well organised event and an interesting
course and most of all, being able to catch up with fellow athletes, share stories and enjoy a
Medal winners below –
David Hudson       M35 Gold
Kirk Brawn             M40 Gold
Ty Farrer                M45 Gold
Lee Taylor              M45 Silver
Charles Wartnaby M50 Gold
Alex Childs            M50 Silver
Jon Anderson       M55 Gold
Jim Morris            M55 Silver
Steve Paul             M55 Bronze
Charles Arnold      M65 Gold
Maurice Hemingway M65 Silver
Bruce Grimley            M65 Bronze
Jane Ashby                F70 Gold
Next event is the MidSummer 10k on the 13th June – also in Ferry Meadows, Peterborough

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